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We provide on-demand In-Home Therapy Services

for all ages. Agencies come partner with us. Patients come move with us!



We provide you with the most compassionate, dedicated and proficient clinicians in the field.

Treatments include:

- Manual Therapy

- Hand Therapy

- Soft Tissue Mobilization

- Cognitive Assessment

- Therapeutic Exercise

- Assistive Device Training

- Safety Education  

- Strengthening

- ADLs Training

- Home Modifications



We employ the top physical therapist who specialize in movement science and understand what it takes to get you back to full independence . 

Treatments include:

- Manual Therapy

- Gait Training

- Balance Exercise

- Therapeutic Exercise

- Joint Mobilization

- Movement Analysis

- Muscle Re-Education

- Assistive Device Education

- Safety Assessment

- Home Modification

Senior Therapy


Our Speech Therapist are highly trained and have extensive experience. Rest assure they will work on getting your speech, swallowing and cognition back 

Treatments include:

- Swallowing Training

- Speech Re-education

- Comprehension 

- Cognition Training

- Voice Hygiene

- Memory Training

- Family Education

- Postural Education 

- Aural Rehabilitation

- Auditory Training

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