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Who We Are

A List Therapy Group provides exceptional In-Home healthcare services to patients of all ages. Our experienced and compassionate clinicians create a comprehensive plan tailored individually for each patient. We take great pride in our philosophy of healing and caring for patients. We work directly with patients and agencies and connect them with the most compassionate, dedicated and proficient clinicians in the field. 

Doctor and Patient

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower patients, by providing the highest quality care while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle in the comfort of their home.


Physical Therapy actively focuses on regaining strength, mobility and reducing pain. The end in mind is to ensure patients are feeling physically stronger and able to return to normal functions. 

Occupational Therapy


Occupational Therapy actively focuses on regaining a patient's engagement on important activities in their life. The end in mind is to ensure patients feel confident in their important occupation.

Speech Therapy Session


Speech Therapy actively focuses on improving a patient's ability to communicate and expression through language. The end in mind is to ensure patients are comfortable in their own voice and able to articulate clear and concisely.

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